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Who we are

We make things happen. We wanted to create and build something we were passionate about involving sports and entertainment. Working a NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four in 1996 introduced us to the event industry. Ten years later (2006) we organized our first event, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Indianapolis which we still manage today. We have managed several festival/civic and sports related events since then for non-profit and for-profit organizations. 

We own Indy's only indoor skateboard park which is also our office and facilty where we produce some of our own events. The indoor skatepark idea evolved from a mobile skate park we built and took to events. Now it inspires young skateboarders through our lessons, camps and contests. Sequence also has a retail shop and ecommerce site. 

A new development is our Sequence Summer Series where we will host a number of concerts promoting local artists. Our facilty is also decorated by local artists and you will find local brands in our shop. 




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Bryan & Shane Apolskis

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