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Amateur contest with an Individual run format (:45) based on the number of participants. If a jam format is needed with higher participant numbers, they will be 2 minutes long. 


3-5 Judges per competition. Less for Game of Skate. 


Scoring Criteria

Skill – degree of difficulty and creativity of tricks 

Consistency – number of tricks made 

Style/artistic/originality – General aesthetic appeal of run 


Other judges notes

Skater’s attitude


Judges will take the best run by skater. Everyone gets at least two (2) runs either individually or in Jam format.


May 10

6:00pm - Game of Skate Check-in 

7:00pm - Game of Skate

16 and under

17 and up

May 11

10:00am Skate Lessons Intermediate Level

11:00am Skate Lessons Beginner Level

12:00pm - Check-in Small Transition

12:30pm - 15 and Under - Small Transition Best Run

Top three (3) Overall

Top three (3) female

Top three (3) 12 and under

Judges awards

(Ex. If a 6 year old places first in the 15 and under, it would exclude them from the 12 and under award)

2:30pm - Check-in Mini Ramp Open

3:00pm - Mini Ramp Open

Top three (3) overall 

Top Female

Top three (3) 16 and under

Judges awards

5:30pm - Check-in Street

6:00pm - Street Open

Top three (3) overall

Top female

Top three (3) 16 and Under

Judges awards


Live entertainment, Exhibitors, Food, Art, High Ollie, Best Trick


Admission / Comp entry

  • $5 spectator entry to watch the competitions (12 and under not skating is Free)

  • $5 to skate and not compete

  • $10 per competition 

  • High Ollie and Best Trick included with $5 admission. 


  • Custom designed metal state of Indiana awards 

  • Skate product/merch

  • Cash purse (open Street and Mini top three)

Game of Skate Rules

1.    The first skater tries a trick of their choice. 
2.    No trick can be landed more than once. 
3.    On offense (when demonstrating a trick) the trick must be landed clean on all four wheels: No toe drag, rail landings, manual landings, caspers, hands on the skateboard or on the ground.
4.    Grabs, no-complies, handplants or bonelesses are not allowed in the contest.
5.    If the first player does not land their trick, it is the next player’s turn. 
6.    Once a player lands his/her trick cleanly the other player has to imitate it and land it first try as well. 
7.    On defense (when imitating a trick) there is a bigger margin for error landings. This will be decided by a referee.
8.    If a defensive player does not land the trick demonstrated by the offensive player, they receive a letter of the word S.K.A.T.E
9.    If you have already received four letters (S.K.A.T) you are allowed two tries for imitating a trick.
10.    Once a player has received all five letters (S.K.A.T.E) letters, they have lost and are out of the game of S.K.A.T.E. 
11.    The last remaining skater wins.


There will be an outside (weather permitting) skate industry marketplace for selling, sampling and experiential branding. It is $25 unless you promote the event at least 2x on social media then it is FREE. You would receive at least a 10 x 10 space. You would need to supply your tables/chairs/tents. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact 317-498-5299 or email


​Cash and product sponsorships/donations available. We can help to position your brand or service within the event to engage consumers. Or we can answer your need in supporting a community event and/or the industry itself,  Sponsorships start at $100. If you are interested please contact or 317-498-5299 to discuss/receive options and deliverables. 

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